Mini Battlegrounds is an action-packed isometric battle royale game where you take on up to 50 other players in last man standing matches. You and all the other players are dropped into an abandoned town, and you have one simple goal in mind; to survive! With simple controls, this game is easy to pick up for new players, while maintaining a high skill cap to entertain the seasoned veterans of the genre. With an isometric, overhead view rather than the more typical 1st person view, a whole new level of strategy appears. Yes, you can see around that corner and you know what's there, but so can your opponent!

Mini Battlegrounds Key Features

Search For Equipment - Stashed all around this abandoned village are weapons and items to use in your fight for survival. Gather armor, a plethora of weapons, and other unique boosts, and use them to slay your enemies!

Unique Battle Royale Experience - The isometric view adds a new, strategic dimension to the genre. You know what - and who - might be around a corner before you go there, but so do they. Skill and strategy reign supreme.

A Game For All Players - With a true free to play model, anti cheating optimization, and simple controls, Mini Battlegrounds puts all players on a level field. You can play casually, collecting skins and just having fun, or competitively, dominating the competition!