Mini DAYZ is a sandbox survival game for mobile and browser, and it is an official pixel art rendition of the massively successful PC survival game DayZ. Enter a randomly generated post-apocalyptic world where you must scavenge for food, ammo, supplies, and more just to survive. Where you must be resourceful and use what you find to craft what you need. Where you must protect yourself from creatures ranging from starving wolves to infected zombies. You must stay fed, warm, and dry to stay safe.

The Browser version of Mini DAYZ offers multiplayer play and cars you can drive, but the maps there are pre-generated. The iOS and Android versions are single player only, but are free to play, completely free of any in-app purchases, and offer a rewarding survival experience anytime, anywhere! Whatever your platform, you must be prepared to fight. There is only one rule here in Mini DAYZ - to survive!

Mini DAYZ Key Features

The World You Know - Explore a beautifully handcrafted, pixel-art-style open world map with signature DayZ buildings.
Be Resourceful - Gear up your character and try to survive for as long as possible using tons of loot to craft what you need.

Take Care Of Yourself - Watch your health, hunger and thirst levels, and prevent blood loss. Do your best to stay warm while it rains or snows!

Endure And Overcome - Keep on surviving to improve your character stats, receive perks and collect achievements for your efforts!

Build It Yourself - Grow plants, craft new items, and build a makeshift base with campfire and fences.

You're Not Alone - Meet AI survivors, both friendly and hostile, and fight (or avoid) various kinds of dangerous, ever-lurking infected!

The Land Is Your Friend - Use natural resources to stay alive. Find your way during the day/night cycle and use what the land offers.