Minion Masters is a free to play RTS tower defense game and collectible card game hybrid that also has a loot and crafting system. You step into the shoes of a minion master, collect an army of minions (of course!) and then lead them into battle against other minion masters! Compete in fun, fast-paced duels with players from around the world, summoning your minions and casting spells to overcome them. Minion Masters offers multiple layers of strategy as you craft your deck, use spells and choose timing and positions for your minions and buildings, making you rethink your moves for each fast-paced match you enter. Do you have what it takes to become a Minion Master?

NOTE: The early access of Minion Masters is buy to play, but the live version of the game will be free to play.

Minion Masters Key Features

Choose Your Master - Choose from a wide range of Masters, with more on the way. Your master has special abilities which will influence the battlefield! Volcanic Volco strengthens his minions through his rage, while King Puff may use time and space manipulation to move enemies about on the battlefield.

Head To Head Duels - Get into the fight! Your minions will charge blindly toward their opponents, leaving it up to you to decide where they go by choosing where you place them. You can also cast powerful spells to help your troops and harm your opponents' forces!

Collect Your Forces - As you play, you can unlock and craft new minions and spells, expanding your options. Lead demon warriors, troubadors, succubi, and more into battle!

Strategy Meets Tactics - Your battle begins the moment you begin constructing your deck. You must choose your spells and minions wisely, focusing on some overall strategy or plan. Then, you make tactical choices regarding positioning and timing. What will you create, and how will you use it?