Ministry of War (MoW) is a free-to-play browser-based MMORTS from Snail Games. MoW is the world's most sophisticated browser game. Players can choose to side with a number of civilizations including China, Egypt, Pesia and Rome. Should a single civilization beat the others, the game will reset itself and kick off a new chapter. Rewards are earned for coming out on top, when history has been rewritten. Control your troops in real time! Build an empire and compete in PvP, PvE, and Guild vs Guild conflict.

Players can build a city with various different buildings, depending on the time period and setting. Choose to build different types of city walls, defenses, troop barracks, arts and science research centers, market places, civilian housing. Create farms to grow food, mines, quarries and other structures to harvest resources, and perhaps also build entertainment or religious complexes to keep your people happy. Then you recruit Missionaries who will function as war leaders and armies in order to start taking over the world. This is the world of Ministry of War.

Ministry of War Key Features

Hero Equipment - In MoW, equipment plays an important role in the strength of your hero. All equipment is divided by 10 levels and there are 4 levels of quality distinguished by different colors.

Talent System - Higher talent means higher skill attributes. Higher skill attributes means more power!

Auctions - Earn gold through trade in the auction houses of the Golden Empire

Civilization - Rules Recruit missionaries, build holy sites and temples, and lead the way to prosperity!