Miscreated is a hardcore MMO survival shooter set in a post-apocalyptic future where you must fight for survival against mutants, other players, and even Mother Nature herself. A fifty year cycle of nuclear and biological warfare has destroyed the world, and brought the population down to a mere 100 million - and that number is falling fast. Those who remain have no interest in further warfare; they fight every day to merely survive. Survivors band together in scattered enclaves, stockpiling resources and trying to rebuild some semblance of civilization, but threats are ever present. You are one of that 100 million; what role will you play in the world from this day forward?

Miscreated Key Features

Craft What You Need - You can create powerful melee weapons, tools, bandages, and more. The crafting system is being expanded as the game progresses.

Hardcore Survival - You can be attacked anytime, anywhere, and death is permanent. You must manage hunger and thirst, be ever watchful for dangers, and when all else fails, shoot first!

Persistent Character - While death is the end, merely logging out is not. When you log out, your character enters a sort of stasis; you will log back in with all items, etc., you had the last time you played.

Cooperate - Team up with other players to form a clan, build a base, and establish an outpost of civilization. Bases have working lights, need upgrades and repairs, and much more.

Time Marches On - Weather changes as time progresses. Day passes into night, and then to day again. Creatures - and items - randomly spawn in the world. Nothing is static.