MixMaster is a free to play fantasy MMORPG with a focus on collecting and creating monsters, which you then can fight in monster battles. There are over 1.000 monsters to discover! Players have the ability to create unique monsters by mixing two other monsters together. Will you discover the combinations to create the strongest monsters possible? Fight against other players, and perhaps you may win the right to call yourself the best MixMaster in the world! Monster enthusiasts from all around the world can fight and explore and enjoy the game together. Come experience a unique fantasy world, for free, and see if you can become a true MixMaster!

MixMaster Key Features

Mix Your Monsters - Mixing is one of the most important aspects in the game. There are over 1.000 monsters in the game to mix together! You even have the chance to discover mystery Mix Formulae!

Catch Monsters - More than a thousand different monsters await you. Discover their unique powers and secrets!

Create Companions - A player can even craft a powerful companion creature known as a "Hench" from a captured monster's core! You can only have three at once; make them count!

Battle Your Creations - Fight against other players, and test your monsters - and yourself - on the field of battle! Can you become the greatest MixMaster of all?

Play Together - Team up with friends to go exploring, train your monsters, or even battle! The world is vast, and has room for all!