Mobile Legends is a free to play fantasy Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) for mobile devices with classic 5 vs 5 lane-based MOBA battles. You take control of a hero and fight to defend your base, watching over the three lanes connecting your base to your opponents'. While the players battle it out, weaker AI minions can be spawned which will approach the enemy base on their own, seeking to cause damage and mayhem. MOBA gameplay is teamwork intensive, and Mobile Legends is no exception; you and your teammates must not only put pressure on your opponents' base, but you must also defend your own!

Mobile Legends Key Features

Classic MOBA Battles - 5 vs 5 battles with real human teammates, against real human opponents. Fight in classic MOBA maps over three lanes and destroy your opponents' base. Classic MOBA action is alive and well in Mobile Legends.

Choose Your Hero - Choose from tanks and mages, marksmen and assassins, and many other archetypes, and take the fight to the enemy team. There is a huge selection of heroes to use, and with simple controls, you'll master them in no time.

Teamwork And Tactics - MOBAs are an innately teamwork focused game. Every player must bring their best game and perform the tasks assigned to the letter, or your base will fall in no time. There is no hero training or level ups; skill matters.