Molehill Empire is a free to play browser-based garden simulation game which lets you plan and grow the garden of your dreams. Take on the role of gardener and get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. From the first shovelful of dirt to the moment you harvest what you've grown, you're in charge of it all. Your efforts will not go unnoticed! You can sell or trade your natural products, sell your plants to virtual customers, and make it to the top of this online game. Best of all, Molehill Empire can be played from any computer's web browser, anytime, anywhere, for free!

Molehill Empire Key Features

Work The Land - The first step in any good garden is preparing the garden bed. You must dig up the soil, remove unwanted rocks, and make everything ready for planting. Once the plants are in, don't forget to look after them and water them!

Plant Your Crops - Choose the types of plants you wish to put in your garden. From flowers to vegetables, what you plant and grow is up to you! Watching your garden bloom and thrive is rewarding and hints at the harvest to come.

Reap What You Sew - Harvest your vegetables and plants and get them ready for market. You can or trade plants, veggies, and products of all types. The more you grow and sell, the higher up the gardening ladder you can climb.