If the prospect of becoming a gnomish gardening tycoon has ever appealed to you, then it's safe to say that Molehill Empire 2 is the game you're looking for. Players start as green-thumbed hobbyists pruning weeds and planting wonky carrots, then they grow their empire into a fully blown international gardening corporation meeting the world's demand for sustainably grown organic goods.

Your task as crop farmer is to plant, water, and harvest the seasonal fruit and veg of your choosing. You'll manage the entire farm, right up to serving your customers in return for coins and XP. Invest those coins straight back into your farm to ensure that next year's harvest is even more spectacular.

The original Molehill Empire is a browser game. Now, back by community demand, the game has been reborn as an iOS and Android exclusive with touchscreen controls making sowing, trading, harvesting, and questing easier than ever. And if you're into mobile farming sims, well this one has character – expect to see dancing garden gnomes performing rain dances to usher in a good harvest.

Molehill Empire 2 - Key Features

  • From Molehills to Mountains: Molehill Empire 2 capitalizes on the deep satisfaction of working your way up from nothing. You'll start as a humble self-sufficient planter of a gourd and end up as an organic crop-planting lord.
  • Cutesy and Colourful: While you'll be growing plenty of citrus fruits, orange will be far from the only colour adorning your kaleidoscopic gardens. Alongside cute gnome characters and animations, the pleasing-on-the-eye art style makes Molehill Empire 2 a fun casual gaming experience bursting with colour.
  • Social and Cooperative: Farmers' cooperatives are called cooperatives for a reason. And Molehill Empire 2 is no different. Players can work together with friends and strangers, trading resources and working to help each other reach mutual success.