Live the legend of the Monkey King Online! Choose one of four main characters from the Chinese epic Journey to the West – Iron Fan, Bull, Fox, or the rebellious Monkey King himself – and join a MMORPG world like you've never seen. Master the art of war, discover the secrets of magic, and invoke the shapeshifting Immortals to prepare for a battle that will shake the heavens! Play Monkey King Online for free today!

Mount in the world of Monkey King Online is divided into 10 levels. Each level upgraded, your mount will transform into a better stats and a better looking mount. Upgrading your mount will also increase your Battle Rating. Besides for traveling, your mount will also join you in the battle! The player has a variety of Demigods/Demon to choose from! Each god has a unique strong skills, allowing you to set invincible in the battle, conquer the realms and dominate the Universe! If you do not have enough time and energy to play the game, you can spend some money and instantly become a powerful character in the world of Monkey King Online!

Monkey King Online Key Features

Epic Tale - Relive the legend from Journey to the West.

Solo Or Team - Go alone or with friends!

Adventure Awaits - Explore the world and uncover long forgotten secrets.