Monster Castle is a free to play mobile tower defense game with addicting multiplayer gameplay and fun, colorful graphics where you play as the monsters, defending your homeland. Command a horde of monster heroes and troops, protect your castle, and wage war against the greedy human invaders in this challenging multiplayer adventure! Take advantage of Monster Castle’s unique vertical tower defense gameplay to strategically fight your way to victory alongside millions of other players! Get out there and build your castle into an impenetrable fortress, raise an epic army of orcs, goblins, witches and other monsters, and battle with players all over the world!

Monster Castle Key Features

Multiplayer Fun - Battle with players worldwide and reap huge rewards! Enjoy exciting and strategic tower defense gameplay mixed with fun, wacky characters.

Amass Your Forces - Assemble an army to your liking from countless combinations of troops, spells and heroes, and lead them into the fray.

Build An Impenetrable Fortress - Equip your castle with crossbows, spike pits, cannons and flamethrowers for maximum defense. The tougher your defenses, the better; attacks will come.

Take The Fight To The Enemy - Lead the charge against the evil Sam in a campaign across the monster land. Strike a blow for monsterkind, and drive those nasty humans away.