Monster Hunter Online is an upcoming Fantasy MMORPG built on CryEngine 3. Co-developed by Capcom and Chinese giant Tencent, Monster Hunter Online is currently in beta in China. Track down some of the most incredible beasts imaginable in Monster Hunter Online. Make sure you've prepared, for these are creatures that you can't possibly hope to encounter on your own and live to tell about it. Players start the game with 4 main weapons at their disposal, with the chance to try all out before choosing 1 to focus upgrades on. Players can gradually upgrade them all. As opposed to other MMORPGs, there isn't a skill points system or NPC to upgrade skills, players will have to execute skills through mouse and keyboard controls (gamepad if one is available).

Fans of the series will be glad to find that Monster Hunter Online pretty much stays on the same course as the other games in the franchise, being very tactical and requiring close observations of monsters’ movement patterns. The game has a high level of difficulty and is merciless at times. Combat though non-target, isn't exactly as 'easy' as systems found in TERA or Dragon Nest. Attacks are definitely not as fast-paced, with more thinking needing than mindless bashing at the target. Bosses uses different skills and some act according to situations, offering a challenging experience.

Monster Hunter Online Features:

  • Equipment Upgrade System

  • Crafting System

  • Farming, including fishing, insect cultivation and more