Monster Hunter: World is an intense action role-playing game from Capcom where you battle against gigantic monsters in epic locations. Monster Hunter: World is the latest installment in the Monster Hunter franchise, with more monsters, more weapons, and more action than ever. You are a hunter, and your duty is to complete quests and fight against - what else - monsters. As you fight, you will receive experience and gain materials which you can use to empower your gear to fight ever tougher monsters to obtain... you get the idea.

Once every ten years, the Elder Dragons migrate far across the sea, gathering for some unknown purpose. This time, however, a fleet of ships is dispatched to follow Zorah Magdaros, one of the greatest of the elder dragons, and aboard one of the ships in that fleet is a hunter destined for greatness. That hunter is you.

Monster Hunter: World Key Features

Living, Breathing World - From the deep Ancient Forest to the exotic Coral Highlands, Monster Hunter: World offers amazing locales to investigate. Expeditions into these locales are bound to turn up interesting discoveries!

Hunt Huge Monsters - You and your companion face off against creatures fearsome and foul. Your equipment is your key to success; make sure to upgrade your gear whenever you can.

Play Together - You can hunt as a member of a four-player cooperative team via online multiplayer. You can also join 16 player servers to form groups, take quests, and face the fiercest of monsters.