Monster Madness Online (MMO) is an Action Shooter MMORPG from the creators of Dungeon Defenders. Explore suburbia and take on missions. Collect loot and rewards, and level up. This game is aimed at skill-based combat with a combination of dodging, shooting and using tactical consumables and abilities to be victorious. Monster Madness Online features 70 kinds of enemies, bosses and mini-bosses as well as 10 different kinds of vehicles to roam around town.

This game can be played seamlessly cross-platform, with simultaneous multiplayer between PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Browser. Even Windows Phone 8 will support this game. The game additionally available via Steam, direct download and Facebook.

Monster Madness Game Modes and Features:

  • Campaign mission instances

  • Survival mode which challenges a team of players

  • Competitive PVP with 16-player battlegrounds

  • Collect weapon parts, blueprints and loot

  • Bind abilities onto gear

  • Tons of costumes

  • Color everything using dyes

  • Train pets

The citizens of Suburbia City were caught totally unprepared for the Martian invasion! Harnessing the mystical power of Monster Tokens, the evil extraterrestrials sucked all of the town’s adult inhabitants into the Void, paving the way for the Invasion’s second phase, a new Monster onslaught intended to weaken the Earth’s remaining defenses. What these atrocious aliens didn’t reckon on, however, was the Monster Tokens’ inability to affect anyone under 18!

Added by the always-generous Barry Tools, the kids are on a mission to beat back this insidious invasion, block by block, and then take the fight to the enemy’s mothership and beyond! It’s time to team up, gear out, craft some weapons, and get hunting… in Monster Madness Online!