Monster MMORPG is a free to play browser-based fantasy game based on catching, training, and battling Monsters which will keep you more entertained than playing Pokemon Online games. If you enjoy games like Pokemon, then Monster MMORPG is more than what you are looking for. It is the best of addicting games. Monster MMORPG is a large and established game with friendly moderators and users. Come collect and train your monsters, meet fellow monster enthusiasts from all over the world, and enjoy the immersive gameplay. Best of all, it's free, and does not even require a download; you play right in your browser!

Monster MMORPG Key Features

Dynamic And Immersive Gameplay - Very professionally designed good looking pack of maps, with advanced and balanced game mechanics.

Collect And Train - Capture 659 different Monsters which are unique in their own way. More than 100 different natures which provide stat changes to the Monsters. Teach them hundreds of different moves and abilities which work perfectly with extra features, like paralyzing the enemy or increasing attack stats.207 different abilities which work perfectly with extra features like recovering HP every turn or making a Monster immune to moves or burning them.

No Two Are Alike - Perfectly working Unique Values and Training Points system which makes everyone's Monster unique in their own way.