Monster Strike is a mobile RPG and strategy game which features monster hunting and collecting, intense battles, and cooperative multiplayer mechanics. You face off against waves and waves of monsters, and you must launch your monsters - literally! - into attacks against them. If you can bounce your own monsters off of one another, they will even perform special combos! Take part in a wide array of events, collect a vast array of unique and powerful monsters, and enjoy a fun mobile game with delightful Anime graphics anytime, anywhere. If you enjoy mobile puzzle games or monster collection games, Monster Strike might be a game for you.

Monster Strike Key Features

Collect And Evolve - The core component of gameplay centers around collecting monsters and using them in battle against other monsters. You can even evolve your monsters into new and more powerful types!

Launch Into Battle - Battle in Monster Strike is something like a game of billiards; you launch your monsters at opponents, with the intention of knocking them out of the field. You can also perform powerful combinations by launching your own monsters at one another.

Diverse Quest Types - You can complete quests Solo, or you can team up with a friend and complete them in a Co-Op Multiplayer mode. There are also special Event quests which only appear for a limited time, but which offer very special rewards.