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Moonlight Blade

Moonlight Blade is a free to play action-packed 3D martial arts MMORPG from TenCent Games, set in a fantasy Wuxia realm of martial arts and mystery. Developed with the help of martial arts movie creators, Moonlight Blade immerses the player in combat which feels like a martial arts film! The world is massive; over 18 times as large as the immense world featured in Skyrim! This massive land has been created with the help of satellite maps to accurately depict realistic terrain, and is waiting for players to explore its width and breadth. For fast paced martial arts action set in a vast and beautiful world, look no further!

Moonlight Blade Key Features

Amazing World – Explore a world that is more than eighteen times as large as the world in Skyrim. With a 2,300-meter view distance, 17 different types of landscapes, and over 2,200 types of plants, you’ll forget you’re playing a game!

Fantastic Fighting – Developed with the help of martial arts movie creators, Moonlight Blade delivers combat which makes you feel like you’re actually a star in a martial arts action film. Fast paced combos and acrobatic maneuvers abound; can you master them?

Engaging Characters – Meet and learn about an array of colorful and interesting characters, each with a tale to tell. The more you explore, the more you will learn, and the more real the world will become. As you play, you can engage in activities from Chinese ink painting, to performing a duet with flute and zither, to assassination.

Moonlight Blade

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