Moonrise is a free to play mobile game of collecting monsters, training them, and leading them in battles, a bit like the Pokémon series. During your journey you need to collect as many creatures as you can. Those creatures need to be trained during strategic battles after which they can grow and evolve. Moonrise takes place in a world where creatures known as Solari were corrupted into destructive Lunari as an effect of a rare moonrise. Now, the moonrises are becoming more common and more powerful, populating the world with destructive Lunari. And it's up to you, and your defeated Lunari turned back into Solari, to save the world!

Moonrise Key Features

Creatures To Collect - Collect and train hundreds of creatures in the game. While you are traveling through the world you will be able to collect any of the creatures which you will train and battle with.

Epic Battles - During your journey you will need to defeat other players online. Prepare for challenging battles which will test you and your creatures' skills!

Mobile Convenience - Play anytime, anywhere! Modern mobile gaming places fun in the palm of your hand, anytime you like. Whether a free few minutes on the bus or a few hours at home in the evenings, the game is yours.