Following the cult success of the original 2010 Mortal Online, Star Vault are back again with an even more hardcore offering. Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox fantasy MMORPG that makes no apologies for its difficulty. With very little handholding or guidance provided, players are truly thrown into the deep-end and must find their own place in the brutal medieval landscape.

Featuring sieges, factions, land ownership, crafting, mounts, trade, customizable AI guards, bloodlines, and one of the most in-depth skill systems ever imagined, Mortal Online 2 is a truly ambitious title.

While Mortal Online 2 takes place in a vast and beautiful world full of lost treasures and terrifying AI opponents, fans of the original will know that it is its PvP offering that sets the game apart. Mortal Online 2 is full-loot and full-PvP meaning that if at any point another player slays your character, he can do so and take all that you were carrying. Combat is difficult, precise, realistic, and as per the rest of the game, takes place entirely in first-person. It makes for an MMORPG offering that is as immersive as it is difficult, as bold as it is complex, and as fun as it is frustrating.

Key Features:

Intense PvP Combat - With an advanced multidirectional combat simulation, every subtle angling of the mouse will make all the difference when trying to circumvent other players' blocks and armour. While gear helps in Mortal Online 2, "skill" is the name of the game.

Unapologetically Challenging - Mortal Online 2 is a hardcore MMORPG for players who scoff at other hardcore MMORPGs. PvP aside, even defeating a single AI-enemy is a formidable challenge for beginners. This brutal gameplay is intentional; it helps to foster a lifelike world where cooperation isn't just encouraged, but a necessity to survival.

Delightfully Complicated - With over 600 skills to decide between, players must wisely choose how they spend their time. The depth of the skill system encourages players to specialize thereby encouraging an elaborate economy. What's more, the skills are interrelated so something seemingly benign like calligraphy can affect precision swordsmanship.