Mortal Royale is a fantasy Battle Royale which throws up to 1,000 players into a massive battle featuring melee, ranged, magical, and mounted combat. You are thrown into the center of a massive world which is slowly being destroyed by an equally massive storm, closing in all around you. The only hope for survival is to outfight or outwit the other players all while outrunning the storm! Gear yourself up with hundreds of different weapons and dozens of bits of armor. Find and tame mounts to get around quickly, as well as to give you an edge in combat. Ride hard, fight harder, and you just might be the last one standing - or use the ancestry system and seek out revenge for your forebears if you're not!

Mortal Royale Key Features

Massive Battle Royale - Get ready for 1000 player battles in a battlefield 64 square kilometers in size. Seek out weapons and armor, warm up your spells, and get ready to fight! Stay ahead of the storm closing in, however; you must be quick or be dead!

Loads Of Choices - You can fight with melee weapons, ranged weapons, magic spells, and you can even fight while mounted. Hundreds of weapons, dozens of armor components from 21 different armor sets, and individual hitboxes for all locations provide intense and challenging combat.

Mount Up And Ride - Tame animals and use them to get around the map quickly, closing with enemies or escaping from danger. You can even attack and fight while mounted, gaining a distinct advantage in some types of combat!