Mother of Myth Season II is a mobile hack and slash action RPG for Android and iOS, and is the successor to the popular mobile game Mother of Myth. In Mother of Myth Season II, you step into the shoes of a heroic mortal soul who is one of those chosen by the gods to enjoy a utopian afterlife in Elysium. This peaceful existence, however, will not last long; Acis beckons to you, begging for you to avenge his death and rescue his beloved, the nymph Galatea, and with this request, your quest begins! Learn to harness and use the powers of the gods, and fight your way through this epic saga by wielding the might of Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and many others! Greek epics meet hack and slash action, all on your mobile device!

Mother Of Myth Season II Key Features

Swipe-Based Gameplay - Master epic swipes and slashes, and enjoy the intuitive and immersive hack and slash game action! Unlock even more fearsome abilities with high level Deity Cards!

Real Time Co Op - Team up with up to 5 other players and take on bosses in raid-type epic battles! The better your performance in this titanic battle, the better your loot and rewards!

Action Packed PvP - Players in Mother of Myth Season II can step into the high-res PvP arena and face off against other players from all over the world. Can you win fortune and fame, and carve your name into the Hall of Fame? Claim weekly rewards based on your skill and performance!

Customize Away - With loads of costume options, new Tier 6 gear, and the ability to change your skills by equipping different types of Deity Cards, you can tailor the look and feel of your character to your liking!