MStar is an online music dance game that lets players meet people and play music-based games with them. In Mstar, you are an up and coming star! Experience what it is like to be a diva as you rise up among the ranks among other competing trainees by completing fun quests, perfecting your dance moves and creating your own unique style! Perform like an artiste, dress like a fashion icon, be a superstar.

MStar Key Features

Fever Mode: Listen closely to the music, feel the beat, and pop the bubbles! Notice which way the arrows in the spheres are pointing, position your fingers on the keyboard and use the shrinking bubbles as a visual indicator when you should tap on your arrow keys.

Couple Mode: This is a boy-girl couple mode. Invite a friend of the opposite sex or your significant other to start the game. As the bubble shrinks and aligns with the directional spheres, tap on the corresponding directional keys on your keyboard to pop the bubbles! This mode will test your coordination as a couple. The better you’re in sync with your partner, the more points you will get.

Item Mode: During the game, you can receive various useful items which you can use attack your opponents or defend yourself from their onslaught.

Superstar Mode: In this mode, the NPC will be your trainer! Not only do you have to pop all music notes, you also need to complete the tasks that the NPC gives you. Finish all that and you will be rewarded.

Team Mode: Team Mode allows you to play against opponents in a 2v2 or 3v3 dance battle. The team with the higher score wins!