MU Ignition is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG with real-time combat, fast leveling, and a vast and epic world. The next installment in the very popular MU series, MU Ignition delivers a new story and new adventures in the fantastic land of MU. There are no demanding system requirements or lengthy downloads involved; just make an account and sign in from anywhere, anytime, and enjoy. Players will find loads of PvE and PvP gameplay options, from rewarding quests to boss monster fights to arena battles against other players. Fans of browser games and classic fantasy should find quite a bit to like!

MU Ignition Key Features

Lots To Do - Whether you like to complete quests for rewards and experience or take on the toughest PvP opponents, you can do it in MU Ignition. From quests to boss raids to intense PvP, MU Ignition delivers.

Choose Your Class - Do you like to nuke things from afar as a Mage, or do you prefer to get up close and personal as a Knight? Or perhaps the speed and skill of the Elf appeals to you?

Wide Wide World - The continent of MU offers lots to see and do. Explore the world to discover lore, meet new characters, and see new places - and of course, to earn lots of experience and loot!

Right In Your Browser - The convenience of browser based games is a huge mark in their favor. Players can play from any computer with a web browser, whenever they wish; no downloads required.