MU: Origin is a free to play mobile 3D MMORPG from WEBZEN for Android and iOS, featuring fast paced, easy leveling, endless advancement and content, and attractive gameplay and graphics. MU: Origin is the mobile counterpart to the popular MMORPG MU Online, with all the dangers, exploration, and options tailored to take advantage of the unique qualities of modern mobile devices. MU: Origin immerses players in a full 3D PC quality real-time MMORPG experience on their mobile device, so they can experience the action and excitement anytime, anywhere! Do you have what it takes to explore the universe of MU, master your own limitless potential, and overcome all obstacles?

MU: Origin Key Features

Endless Power - Characters can grow without boundaries; your powers are truly endless! You never stop leveling and stop gaining in strength and skill; content is endless, and so is your potential.

Easy Leveling - MU: Origin frees players from the need to grind experience; leveling up is a snap! Easy gameplay leads to easy advancement which leads to total domination!

Real Time MMORPG - The game happens in 100% real time, and in the company of thousands of other players. Battle your way through them - or join forces with them to overcome tougher challenges!