MU Rebirth is a thrilling new adaptation of the highly acclaimed 3D MMORPG, MU Online by WEBZEN. MU Rebirth focuses heavily on PVP interaction, and allows players to level and farm faster. As with many MMORPGs, the player selects a character and fights monsters to gain experience. MU Rebirth is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins and golems to frightening ones such as the Gorgon or Kundun. Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items.. Help defend the Continent of Legend and clear it from the clenches of Kundun and his forces forever. With new content and features being introduced regularly, this game is perfect for those looking for an exciting MMO and PVP experience.

MU Rebirth Key Features

Faster leveling - plow through enemies and reach level 400 in a couple of hours.

Rebirth System - After reaching level 400, players can use the Rebirth system to reset their level while keeping their character stats, allowing them to grow stronger.

PVP Battlegrounds - Join PVP competitions and wreak havoc on those who stand in your way.

New Items and Weapons - Gear up your characters with a wide array of new weapons which can be attained using ingame currency.