MUD is an open world survival and exploration game, a modern MMORPG which draws its inspiration from old-school M.U.D. (multi-user dungeon) games and from newer sandbox-style MMOs. MUD lets you adventure and explore a constantly changing, fully destructable fantasy world, where you can adventure with friends, craft cool items, build a town... or sack a town built by enemy players, and steal their cool items! The unique voxel engine procedurally generates terrain, caverns, creatures, and more, meaning that the world will always offer surprising new challenges. While the terrain may be procedurally generated, MUD is a persistent online world, and you must cooperate with other players to succeed! Make no mistake, MUD is a true sandbox MMO.

NOTE: As of May 2018, MUD seems to be abandoned, as there have been no updates or posts on the game's website in 2 years.

MUD Key Features

Procedural Generation - The world is never static! With random terrain features, creatures, and even water systems, the world of MUD will never stop offering new challenges to overcome and places to explore!

Customizable World - The players can reform the world by digging up and reshaping the earth, cutting down forests, and constructing buildings.

Open World PvP - The game offers true open world PvP! However, it isn't just a free for all; in the persistent environment and world, cooperation with others is essential in the long-term

Loot And Crafting - The interface of loot and crafting in MUD encourages players to go out and seek loot to craft new and better items!

Action And Skill Based Combat - The player must engage enemies dynamically, chaining moves and executing maneuvers; overcome your foes with skill and style!

Procedural Quest Generation - NPCs react to players and offer them quests based on the events in the world and the actions of the characters!