Mushrooms: Forest Walker is a sandbox-style forest exploration and mushroom picking game which lets players wander in the woods, collecting mushrooms! Players are free to wander the wilderness in five different regions; North America, Asia, South America, Europe and Australia. Each region contains unique types of mushrooms and unique storylines - and of course, unique landscapes to wander and explore! Players can pick both edible and non-edible species of mushrooms and then use them to prepare meals or even special mixtures and elixirs, giving the game a bit of a fantasy element. If you enjoy sandbox games with plenty of room to roam, or exploration focused games in general, Mushrooms: Forest Walker just might be for you.

Mushrooms: Forest Walker Key Features

Explore Five Continents - Players can wander the forests and vales of five different continents; Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. Each one has unique stories to learn, people to meet, and of course, mushrooms to pick! Survival skills are important here; after all, the wild is a dangerous place. Of course, you can freely team up with friends to explore and hunt mushrooms together; this is an actual MMO!

More Than 100 Species - Collect more than 100 different species of mushrooms. Some of them are delicious delicacies, but some are dangerously toxic. You can even find special mushrooms with unique properties which can be used as ingredients to healing and making special effects mixtures! You will even meet people who are looking for rare mushrooms - you will be able to help in their search and receive special recipies and items!

Loads To Do - To begin with, you must choose a colorful mushroom hunter to play. Pick (pun very much intended) from thirty different interesting characters! You can be Jacob the Walker, Black Witch from Blair, Suicide Forest Keeper, Fire Walker from Twin Hills, and more. In addition to wandering and seeking out tasty 'shrooms, you can engage in contests, complete challenges, and much more.