My Free Circus is a browser-based and mobile circus simulation and strategy game which puts you into the role of the ringmaster! You must organize acts, from trapeze artists to fire eaters to clowns, and arrange their places beneath the Big Top! Buy and keep animals, provide them with everything they need. Wow the crowd when you use those animals in stunning performances. Make tasty treats for your visitors, make money, grow crops, plant trees and create a gorgeous circus ground. The better your circus, the more guests you'll attract! Discover the entertaining browser game fun that is My Free Circus!

My Free Circus Key Features

Arrange Your Performers - You must decide what manner of performing acts you wish your circus to have. From knife throwers and jugglers to magicians and clowns, you've got loads of options. The better and more diverse your performers, the more people will enjoy your circus.

Amazing Animals - Obtain and keep animals for the crowds to see, and to watch in special animal acts. Keep them happy and content; everyone knows no one wants to see unhappy or unhealthy animals in a circus!

Please Your Guests - You are in charge, and you have to make sure your guests stay happy. Hire vendors to sell the best snacks and foods. Make sure to keep the grounds clean and well decorated. Hire amazing acts the people want to see. Who knows how big your circus might grow?