My Free Farm 2 is a free to play browser-based farming simulation game that puts you in charge of running and maintaining your own farm. You can tend your fields and grow the freshest fruits and vegetables, raise loads of cuddly animals, and produce farm-fresh products that your neighbors will line up around the block to buy. With charming graphics, engaging but simple gameplay, and the convenience of a browser-based model, My Free Farm 2 is a game that farm sim fans can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Cultivate your fields, tend your livestock, and expand your farm - and have a load of fun doing it!

My Free Farm 2 Key Features

Your Own Farm - This is your very own farm, and you are in charge! Decide what to plant, where and when. Decide what to harvest, what animals to raise, even when you play - it's all up to you!

Raise The Best Products - Fresh farm products like eggs, cheese, fruits and veggies, will always find a ready market. By raising and selling these products you can grow your farm and produce more and more goods!

Expand Your Farm - Build new structures, clear and plant new fields, and purchase new livestock. As you sell products and make cash, expand your farm to get more options and opportunities.