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My Free Farm

My Free Farm is a 2D Browser-Based MMO that allows you to take control of your own farm; tend to your animals, meet new friends, grow vegetable gardens and more! Though simple in concept, My Free Farm is quite complex in design; beginning with a hands-on tutorial, you’ll learn how to experience the true life of a country farmer. With over 36 different vegetables, flowers and fruits to find and grow, you’ll never be bored on the Internet again! Build your own farm and become the greatest farmer of all times! Carrots, goat yogurt, candy or tasty garlic oil – when it comes to your hustling and bustling customers, your awesome organic products are truly all the rage! Now, hop on your tractor’s seat and dive into the farming fun!

My Free Farm Key Features

Pick Your Crops – Cultivate fruits and veggies or daisies to feed your geese! The animals and plants you choose to raise are entirely up to you.

Design Your Farm – Design your own showcase farm and settle down on the lush lawn under a rose arch! From seriously cult cuckoo clock to state-of-the-art hologram table – furnish your farm-house in your own individual style!

Trade Your Crops – Trade with other players on the market place of picturesque Mootown, book ads for the advertising column to get extra farm-customers and shop till you drop at the local hardware store!

Play Together – Found a farmers’ club and play alongside your friends. Join forces and pimp your club-house by completing quests! Compete against other clubs in competitions and build giant wooden animals!

Special Occasions – Get yourself cute event-pets and seasonal decorations!

My Free Farm

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