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My Lands

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting is a Free-to-Play Browser-Based Online Strategy Game that breaks the boundaries of normal gameplay. Serving as a military themed MMORTS with a focus on economics outside of warfare. Experience the first online strategy game that allows you to convert in-game currency into real-world currency. Build a city to house your army and resources, begin making alliances and deals with your neighbors or declare war on everyone. Players have the choice to become peaceful traders, dealing in resources with the prime focus of building a mercantile empire or build an army and become a tyrant who claims what they want with brute force. Gather your Black Gems and convert them into real cash!

In the era when the Light and the Dark lived in peace a source of power, never known to any race before, was discovered: The Black Gems. Everyone tried to seize control over the Black Gems production and the balance of strength was disrupted. The Great Empire collapsed and the internecine war broke out. The inhabitants of your City chose you as their Rules and conferred absolute authority on you. Found new cities, study sciences, train troops, unite with other rulers in order to confront the enemies, and rem ember that fragile peace is always better than murderous war. My Lands challenges you to rule your lands wisely, and lead your people towards prosperity.

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting Key Features

Earn Real Money – You can convert your black gems into real cash!

Deep Strategy Gameplay – Manage your economy as well as your military. Both are required for victory.

Browser Based Game – Play anytime, anywhere, with no contracts or downloads!

my lands

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