Mystera Legacy is a 2D sandbox-style fantasy MMORPG for browser and mobile devices with player housing, crafting, skill advancement, and much more. It has been called "....a mix of Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Tibia" and indeed features elements found in all three games. Explore an immense open word full of of player made houses and shops, a deep crafting system, tribes, PvP, and loads of adventure and treasure. Gather materials and build a base to keep yourself, your friends, and your treasures safe. Find, craft, and upgrade weapons and armor. Delve deep into an endless dungeon, in search of ever greater danger - and treasure. If you like old school 2D RPGs and sandbox gameplay, Mystera Legacy might be the game you're seeking.

Mystera Legacy Key Features

Endless Adventure - Delve into an endless dungeon for a new experience every time you go exploring. Deep in the earth you'll find treasures and traps, and more than a few monsters!

Loads Of Creatures - A wide array of animals and creatures dwell in this world, some of which are friendly - and some of which aren't. A homeless dog may become a trusted companion, while a random goblin will steal your treasures.

Build It - Build your own house, shop, or base, by using voxel-like block by block construction systems. Level up more than 30 skills, from mining to farming to combat, and create the character you desire. Mystera Legacy is a real sandbox MMORPG.

Play Together - You can team up with friends new and old and form an in-game tribe, or you can make your way in the world alone. You can even target other players in PvP! After all, what is an MMO without the "massively multiplayer" part?

True Free To Play - Mystera Legacy is primarily supported through donations. There are no mechanics in the game which permit paying for any advantage; no cash shops, no advertisements, just free and fun gameplay.