Myth War 2 is a free to play Fantasy MMORPG, developed by Unigium and published by IGG. With its full color graphic design and 3D rendered hand-drawn images, Myth War 2 has reproduced a world of cartoon animation for the 21st century. This sequel to Myth War Online is very accessible for newbies, and offers loads of fun and activities even for MMORPG veterans. Come explore the mystical land of Myth War 2 today!

Myth War 2 Key Features

Four races - Human, Centaur, Mage and Borg, with two subclasses available to choose from.

Extensive Lore - The story behind Myth War 2 is about gods at war, demonic invasions, mysticism, magic and of course, noble heroes. The world has different zones, some are controlled by a certain race, some are questing hubs or towns.

Rumor System - One particular Myth War 2 feature is the rumor quest system. Rumor scrolls are random drops from killed monsters. Players take the scroll to a special NPC and spend gold to spread the rumor. When enough players find out about it, the reward becomes available.

Apprentice-Master System - New players gain great benefits from pairing up with a mentor.

Extensive PvP - Guilds can choose a patron god and take part in a special battle to earn rewards. There are guild PVP events such as Mine Battles and War of the City.

Shapeshifting - Players can drink shapeshifting potions and receive a temporary transformation. There are lots of transformations including dragons and even buckets.

Marriage System - Marriages between players are possible. Seek your true (in game) love!