Mythborne is a 2.5D browser-based RPG, loosely based on ancient Greek mythology. The game features turn-based battles based on attack speed, and the ability to recruit and deploy multiple Heroes to join them in battle. As well as five available classes with unique skills, Mythborne includes core systems such as Character Upgrade, Hero Recruiting, Dungeons, and more. The world is in danger. Darkness has covered the land and now it’s creeping upon Mount Olympus. Pandora’s Box has been opened and the godly powers are scattered. It’s up to you to lift the curse - heed Zeus’ call, face the forces of evil and become a mythical hero!

Mythborne Key Features

Recruit A Diverse Team - Hero Recruiting system, where each hero displays unique tactics and skills. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Upgrade Your Forces - Skill Upgrade with three skill categories: Active, Rage, Passive. As you develop these skills, your power grows.

Immersive PVE - Multi-stage PvE systems provide loads of content for players. Boss Raids, where players fight bosses and each other, deliver the best loot!

Guild Warfare - Join a guild and go head to head with other guilds in fearsome fights.

Mounts And More - A wide range of animal companions await you. With a pet by your side and a trusty steed, you need never travel alone!