Mythic Glory is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG that lets you explore a vast world and join other players as you fight together! Get your weapons, prepare your spells, and start an exciting new adventure in a realm of heroes and legends! Ideal for casual players and those new to the genre, Mythic Glory is a turn-based strategy web game that can be played in any major Internet browser. Step into the role of a stalwart Warrior, a cunning Ranger, or a powerful Mage, and set off for adventure! Team up with other players to take on fearsome world bosses. Face down enemies in dark dungeons. You can even step in the arena and challenge yourself against other players!

Mythic Glory Key Features

Choose Your Class - Three different classes provide players different options and playstyles. If you enjoy heavy combat, the Warrior is for you. If you'd rather use speed over strength, the Ranger may be to your liking. And for those of you who wish to wield the forces of magic, the Mage awaits.

Live The Adventure - Adventure across the world, traveling from place to place to overcome challenges. By completing quests and dungeons, you will gain loads of experience, learn new skills, and grow in power.

Fortunes Untold - Upgrade your Town Hall, occupy goldmines, and complete quests and dungeons to obtain additional gold. Use this gold to improve your character with better gear, and continue to take on tougher challenges.