Mythic Reign is a free online text based Fantasy MMORPG. The world is not what it used to be. It's not like anywhere you've been before, so take some time to find your way around and get your bearings. You'll have some difficult choices to make, as did all the others. The Veil between the planes of existence has torn and the portals to the lands of Ozryn have opened to the worlds beyond. You will learn more of the history of Ozryn as you progress on your journey, but know this now- this place is not for the faint of heart.

Those who have resided in Mythic Reign from the start have been hardened by trial and time, and have been tested just as you will be. Life is no longer as you know it. The Council of the Transcended, the powers that be of the combined supernatural universe, have claimed the right to take control, imposing their governance, their laws, their desires, on beings that have ruled themselves for thousands of years. They claim the right to control all of these worlds.

Mythic Reign Key Features

Variety Of Equipment - Gear up to face the challenges of Ozryn.

Exciting And Challenging Battles - Test your mettle!

Trading Between Players - Trade what you do not need for what you do.

Daily Challenges - Complete daily tasks for rewards.

Vast Fantasy World - A wide world awaits! Go forth, explore, adventure, and experience!