Naruto Online is an action MMORPG based on the famous anime Naruto Shippuden, with all of the bright graphics, colorful characters, and fast paced martial arts action you could hope for from a game set in the Naruto universe! Experience the show as you explore this fantastic and beautiful world, get to know the characters and their stories, and really learn what it takes to be a ninja in the world of Naruto. Combat is fast paced and action packed, and victory depends on you knowing your own strengths - and your own limitations. Get ready to go to Konoha and live the adventure!

Naruto Online Key Features

Officially Licensed Naruto Game - Relive the story and meet the characters from the anime, and experience all the mystery, excitement, and fun of for yourself!

Living Online World - The wonderful animation invites you in, but the fact that this is a living, breathing online world will keep you coming back. Explore, fight, hang out with friends from all around the world, and more!

Choose Your Ninja - With a cast of amazing characters to pick from, Naruto Online offers no shortage of choices for various playstyles. Every character has unique abilities, from Sakura Haruno's Iron Ball Trap to Naruto Uzumaki's Shadow Clone Barrage!