Naval Action is an open world multiplayer action sandbox and sailing warfare simulation set in the the glorious Age of Sail, the period when sailing warships ruled the waves and broadside belching ships of the line ruled the battle line. Naval Action provides an exciting, immersive, and unbelievably realistic immersive gameplay experience, with advanced physics for combat and movement. However, Naval Action is more than a simple simulation; is is a true sandbox with MMORPG elements, such as guild creation and non-combat activities such as trading and empire building. There are no levels or classes; just an open ocean, your character, and a sailing ship. Nail the colors to the mast!

Naval Action Key Features

Enormous Open World - Players must learn to survive and navigate on the Carribean, and they must do so with period methods; to navigate, for instance, players must be prepared to use the sun and a compass. A true sandbox, players may build ships, trade, and fight for their nation... or they may become a pirate, seeking out prizes from all sides!

Gorgeous Ships - The ships in Naval Action are beautifully rendered, down to fine details like ropes and windows. A vast variety of ships, from small cutters to huge triple-decked first rates, allow players in Naval Action to experience every role a sailing ship might be called upon to fulfill.

Advanced Physics - With realistic sailing maneuvers and models which take into account everything from the angle of your yards to the wind to cannonball ricochets, Naval Action provides an unprecedented taste of naval combat during the age of sail. Perform advanced maneuvers and rake your opponent!

Realistic Damage - Shots can make your ship take on water, damage your masts, and send deadly splinters flying across the decks. The path of every cannonball is tracked and accounted for, and a single cannonball may pass through the balcony, ricochet off of a gun, hit a crew member and then fly out of a gunport splashing into the water.