Nebula Online is a buy to play, true cross-platform sandbox space MMORPG for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Facebook, with players from all platforms and locations in one massive, open server with no boundaries. Nebula Online delivers a huge sci-fi sandbox to players, with virtually limitless choices and player freedom; will you be a shrewd merchant, an intrepid explorer, a fearsome pirate? With open PvP everywhere, the universe is filled with dangers, but the richness of unexplored space offers incredible rewards. Craft unique ships to your specifications, build stations, colonize star systems, and explore. Space in Nebula Online is literally limitless; it has no edge! Create a character from one of the three playable races, build a starship, and set off into the unknown, but be ready for anything!

NOTE: Nebula Online and its variants seem to be abandoned as of May 2018.

Nebula Online Game Features

Real Time, Epic Space Battles - Fight for control of star systems in massive real-time space battles, or hunt down and attack lone craft exploring the reaches of space; with a single shared server and open PvP literally everywhere, the opportunities for battles of every scale are countless

Player Controlled - The economy, the alliances, the space lanes - almost everything in Nebula Online is under the control of the players. Form huge trading partnerships and military alliances with other players to colonize regions of space and control the spacelanes... or form a gigantic pirate fleet to raid them.

Unique Ship Crafting - Players in Nebula Online are able to craft unique ships to their own specifications and capabilities. This allows a player to create exactly the vessel they require for the task at hand, and which also suits their tastes and playstyle; from fast and heavily armed attack ship to slow and steady freighter, you can build what you require.

No Cash Shop, No Hidden Costs - There are no pay to win mechanics or hidden costs in Nebula Online; you buy the game once, and then you play forever. Simple.