Need a Hero is a free to play browser fantasy MMO which lets you step into the shoes of the hero, off to fight the dragon and save the day! All of the other knights and heroes in the realm have already fallen prey to the dragon! Now all hope rests with you... you were answering the call of nature when the dragon attacked, and lucked out! The princess awaits rescue, the realm awaits a savior, and Need a Hero awaits players who want a free and fun match 3 game. Enjoy light hearted browser-based gameplay and save princesses, kill dragons, complete quests, and more!

Need A Hero Key Features

Become A Hero - Take up your sword and shield and ride out to save the world. The princess has been kidnapped. The dragon has slain the realm's heroes. It's all up to you! Can you answer the call (Of duty this time, not nature) and rescue the princess?

Lots To Do - Being a hero is not easy, but you can do it. Set out on a mission to defeat all the dragon's minions and other strange monsters in this match 3 battle game. Connect the matching icons and build up rage in your rage meter. Once the meter is full, you can attack the monsters!

Play Together - You can play against other would-be heroes in Need a Hero. Challenge your friends to exciting Match-3 duels. Do you have what it takes to be the best hero?