Neocron Evolution is a long running science fiction MMORPG set in a post apocalyptic world, and it is a continuation and relaunch of 2002's Neocron. Explore this dark sci-fi world as one of four classes, each of whom has different skills and is suited to different types of missions and roles. A long period of civil wars, revolutions, social strife, and economic turmoil has left the city of Neocron torn, divided, and dark. You must find a way to not only survive here, but to prosper. Your path will not be easy. Hordes of enemies await who would kill you for a nickel. Squabbling factions will try to take advantage of you. With some skill and some luck, however, you can overcome it all and climb to the top!

Neocron Evolution Key Features

Squabbling Factions - Many different groups fight for control of Neocron, from the city's administration to anarchists, mercenaries, and outlaws. Each group wants to become the most powerful in Neocron, and wants your help.

Diverse Classes - Would you like to play a sneaky and skillful Spy or a mysterious and powerful Psi Monk? Perhaps a powerful and genetically enhanced Gen Tank, or a well rounded Private Eye?

Skill System - You can enhance your character by improving various skills in a few different categories. Improve your Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Constitution, and Psychic skills to tailor your character to your preferences.

Loads Of Weapons - Do you like to sear your enemies with bolts of sizzling plasma? Or do you prefer to get up close and personal with an axe? Loads of different weapons await your hand to wield them.