Neopets is a free to play browser based virtual pet game set in the fantasy world of Neopia, where players can collect, care for, play with, and even train with their pets! Neopets is a fun filled game with no set objectives beyond simply having fun, keeping your pets happy, and hanging out with your friends. Players can train their pets to fight other pets or NPCs in the arena, but fear not; no permanent harm will come to your pets in such battles! Earn Neopoints by completing challenges and games with your pets, and use those points to get special pet items. Neopets players can even invest their Neopoints in the Neodaq, the game's virtual stock market!

Neopets Key Features

Train Your Pets - Players collect and train their pets, playing with them and caring for them, so that they can complete challenges and games, or even fight in the arena! In this way, players can earn more Neopoints which they can use to buy things for their pets, obtain new pets, and so on!

Fun With Friends - Players can communicate with one another via in game email, or they can communicate either on the public message boards or, if they are members of a player created guild, on a designated guild message board.

Child Safe Fun - With numerous levels of moderation and parental control, Neopets is a great community and game for children as well as adults! Children can learn responsibility while caring for their neopets, and even some basic HTML by modifying and editing their own profiles!