Nether: Resurrected is a first-person shooter that is focused on survival. Players are introduced to a desolated, sprawling urban cityscape based on Chicago. Nether: Resurrected features core survival elements, requiring players to scavenge for resources in order to survive as well as crafting. More importantly, Nether brings unique gameplay elements to the genre, and brings the experience to a new level. The city spans several hundred blocks and players can access most of the buildings, including multi-level skyscrapers that provide huge vantage points.

Danger is around every corner, sometimes only a few yards from you, raising tension to a new level. Nether: Resurrected also presents players with a meld of PvE and PvP that fosters unique, emergent gameplay and forces big decisions when it comes to trusting other players.

Nether: Resurrected Key Features

Join A Tribe - If you join a tribe, you gain a lot of advantages for yourself, including a larger inventory space, increased cash and loot drops and the ability to earn rewards for a stronger offensive and defensive skills.

Fight For Control - Tribes fight each other over control of the city. The city contains strategic vantage points, these provide greater control over enemy movements. You also gain the ability to affect market prices or you can even alter mission objectives to your own favor.

Actions Have Consequences - A true social contract allows for the ultimate survival experience. All the consequences of your behavior you would come to expect in the real world, are reflected in Nether. Your actions have real repercussions, and the choice is always up to you. Kill, or be killed.