New Dawn is an open world multiplayer survival sandbox where an isolated Native American tribe must fight to defend their island from invading pirates! Your sleepy and remote island, somewhere off the coast of South America, has been discovered by marauding pirates, and they want to claim it for themselves. Fight back against them and defend your home! There is more to survival here than simply killing invaders, however. You must hunt for food. Craft what you require. Build a shelter and make clothing for protection from the elements. A New Dawn rises for your people, and you must be ready to fight!

New Dawn Key Features

Large Open World - Spanning 49 square kilometers, a huge world stretches out before you. Go forth and find your place in it!

Solo Or Together - You can go it alone, or you can team up with other players to form your own Tribe!

Build What You Need - You must craft weapons and tools, clothing and shelter if you hope to survive. The land provides what you need.

Hunt And Fish - Hunting, fishing, and trapping are necessary skills. Use the animals and fish you catch for food, leather, and other uses.

Fight To Survive - Face off against both intelligent NPC Pirates and enemy players and Tribes. You can form alliances with other players, or destroy them.

Claim Your Place - Build your own home, fortify it, and maybe even grow it into a village. If you play your cards right, you may even become a chief.