New World Empires is a free to play browser-based historical grand strategy game from Bytro Labs, which places players in command of a nation which they must grow into a globe-spanning empire. New World Empires spans the era from approximately 1450 - right around the time that the colonial European powers discovered the Americas - to the Napoleonic Wars and upheaval of the first half of the 19th century. You must decide how you want your empire to grow; will you wage wars, or will you attempt to establish economic supremacy? Will you be isolationist, or will you form alliances? The world is at your fingertips; what will you do with it?

New World Empires Key Features

Massive Multiplayer Action - Compete against up to 30 players for victory

Into The Unknown - Explore unknown lands and discover the New World

Colonize New Places - Colonize newly discovered provinces

Achieve Military Supremacy - Conquer your enemies with units from three different branches: regular troops, mercenaries and colonial troops

Govern Your Empire - Administrate provinces and improve them

Negotiate The Landscape - Manage 10 different terrain types which influence units

Keep On The Cutting Edge - Research 150+ techs from the warfare, economy and colonization techtree including many buildings, buffs and units

Critical Research - Research eras to unlock new levels and technologies