Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds is a 2D fantasy MMORPG from Nexon and Kru Interactive with anime-style graphics. Discover the hidden beauty of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, based upon Korean mythology. Begin by learning how to survive; you may end by becoming a deity. Do arcane mysteries entice you? Or poetic stories? What of donning stunning plate mail and hefting up the sword nearly lost from beneath the waves of human consciousness? Or is it simply the riches and awesome artifacts you wish to behold? Allow the winds of your imagination to rise up.

Every soul must at some point choose that single expression of his own greatness. Know thyself, and you shall choose well. There are four base paths you may realize. Once you have enough wisdom of the world to feel the Quickening, you must discipline yourself to one of these paths to continue toward your own greatness. The Quickening comes upon the fifth level. It is then that one of the guild halls will accept you in, as you shall accept their Path.

After the Quickening passes you are not yet completed on your path. As you continue your journey to greatness you will reach the age of Enlightenment. You can continue to follow the pure path you selected, or you can devote yourself for life to one of the three great powers : Ming-Ken, Kwi-Sin, or Ohaeng. But your journey does not end there, oh no, you have barely started on your climb to power. You grow yet closer to the true being that you will become on your journey to greatness. Even further along your path you will gain the opportunity to join one on many sub-paths. Groups aligned to one cause, to fight and protect that which they feel it is their duty to protect. Is this the end of your journey to greatness? I think not. For in Nexus the journey never ends, it always grows, always expands, and there is always more to achieve and gain... Your journey has only just begun!

Nexus: The Kingdom Of The Winds Key Features

Classless System - Choose and follow a path, which shapes your development as you play, rather than a rigid class.

Clan System - Join a clan and play with friends new and old, from all around the world!

Player Housing - Decorate your home! Every good adventurer needs a place to relax; come build yours.