Nidia: Evolution of The Ring, also simply known as Nidia, is a browser based action RPG that takes place in a fantasy world one ruled by powerful, fearsome, and intelligent dragons. For centuries they preyed upon all of the lesser denizens of the land, and brought severe devastation to the holy realm of Nidia; the people referred to this dark time as “The Age of Dragons.” Peace was finally brought to the land when a brave Champion used the power of the Rings and forced the Dragons back to their pits. But now the Dragons have returned, and they are intent on finishing what they started. Nidia is now looking for the next Great Champion to re-discover the power of the Rings and once again defeat the Dragons once and for all. Could this champion be you?

Nidia: Evolution Of The Ring Key Features

Beautiful Gameplay - Get ready for crisp and clean graphics, colorful effects, and never-seen-before in a browser based game, 360-degree action camera!

Choose Your Path - Choose from three classes, whether you like to use the spell-bearer Mage, sharp-shooting Archer, or the mighty Knight there is a Champion for everyone.

Loads To Do - Enjoy over 50+ grueling BOSSes, over 10+ game modes, and hundreds of hours of gameplay in this easy-to-learn, strategic, and challenging Action-RPG.