Nightfalls is a Free To Play browser MMORPG designed and published by 37Games, where players step into the shoes of an angel who has decided to forsake their place in Heaven so that they may help the mortals in their war against demons and all things of darkness. In Nightfalls, players will find themselves commanding a group of mercenaries and companions, each with unique abilities and weaknesses, eager to help them rid their world of darkness. Combat focuses on forming these companions into cohesive formations to overcome the challenges in battles. Explore the world, from the Fairylands and High Heavens, to long forgotten caverns and dungeons full of hazards.. and rewards. Can you lead the way, and rid the world of Nightfalls of this demonic threat?

Nightfalls Game Features

An Angelic Adventure - Lead a team of brave and noble mercenaries into battle! In Nightfalls, the focus of combat is on formation and tactics; the right people, at the right place, and at the right time, are the key to victory. From Cabalists, who can fight multiple enemies at once, to Crusaders who can cast powerful protective spells, your team is crucial to success.

Epic Loot - Seek out rare and enchanted gear, which you can use, enhance, or even deconstruct! Good gear will help you and your team overcome tougher challenges! From exploring fairyland to defeating foes in long lost dungeons, everything you do in Nightfalls has the chance to reward you with rare gear and special items!