Nightmarchers is a post apocalyptic open-world shooter set on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. A powerful earthquake broke Oahu away from the rest of the islands and killed most of the populace. Order broke down quickly, and the island's surviving populace split itself into factions; The traditionalist Ali'i, the The Lava Dogs, the surviving members of a USMC detatchment, and The Research Institute, an enclave of scientists that survived the event. Everyone else is either a lone survivor - hermits, wanderers, and others who eschew settlements and politics - or a raider, bandit, or thug. Welcome to Oahu. Aloha!

Nightmarchers Key Features

Sandbox Play - Choose the factions you want to support - or fight against - as you work to rebuild Oahu. Choose your playstyle; will you favor stealth and caution, or will you go in guns (or spells) blazing?

Hawaiian Lore - Players uncover secrets of the native Hawaiian gods and their machinations as they play through the game. Fight against the pig god Kamapua'a and his cult of fanatic supporters.

Virtual Oahu - Nightmarchers presents an authentic virtual recreation of Oahu, down to all the terrain and features. The island spans more than 500 square miles in-game, with overgrown ruins and forgotten places awaiting discovery.

Skill-Based - Unlock and use more than 40 different skills. You can even learn to use spells thanks to supernatural abilities like phase, bullet bend, void sense, and many others.

Outposts And Bases - There are more than 50 different outposts and villages in the game, all of which can be captured and controlled by players. Decide how you want to rebuild the island, and who you wish to befriend.

Custom Content Engine - Player decisions matter. Not only does the game adapt itself to a player's preferences, but your every decision can swing the outcome of the battle for control of Oahu!