NITE Team 4 is a multiplayer military hacking simulation game that explores the world of cyberwarfare and which features diverse and realistic missions and scenarios. You step into the shoes of a convicted cybercriminal who has been offered a second chance at life, by becoming a part of Network Intelligence & Technical Evaluation Team 4; NITE Team 4 for short. As a member of this elite unit, you will conduct hacking and cyberintelligence missions against targets all around the world. Cybercrime and cyberterrorism are rampant in this high tech world, and you must be willing to stand against it; can you do it?

NITE Team 4 Key Features

Hacking Simulation - Learn realistic hacking techniques as you become an elite hacker and bulwark against terrorism. The high tech "Stinger" platform, based on Kali Linux, puts more than 20 powerful hacking tools at your fingertips!

Direct Your Troops - Direct and coordinate with agents in the field to carry out a wide array of covert operations, such as planting listening devices, hacking local systems, or neutralizing other threats.

Around The World - You are the line in the virtual sand, and it falls to you and your team to detect and prevent crimes and terrorist threats all around the world. From cyber attacks to terrorism to covert malware projects, you must fight it all.

Play Together - Work together with a team of friends to find and neutralize all manner of threats, and have a blast while doing so. You can also compete with the global community for bragging rights and virtual glory.